Strace Academy Welfare Society

Skill Development, Training, Research, Academics, Critical Care Medicine, and Emergency Medicine.

Strace academy welfare society is registered on 28.03.2022 in Guwahati, Assam, India. This society started for overall development in the field of critical Care and Emergency Medicine. It’s primary objectives are skill development, training, research, academics in the field of critical Care and Emergency Medicine.

Millions of people suffering from various illness are either have no access to modern treatment or getting suboptimal care. Healthcare cost , lack of awareness, lack of infrastructure and manpower, lack of updated information and communication difficulties are major issues here. Innovative thinking, open minds, integration of various forms of medicines and common senses and helping and sharing nature can help us to a great extent. This is an initiative for that noble cause. Let us join hands together.

President: Dr. Apurba Kumar Borah

Approach to Critical Care Medicine

Arunachal Pradesh CME

Assessment of Severity of Illness

Biomarkers of Sepsis

CCEM Journal is Owned and Published by Strace Academy Welfare Society