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Central Fever – Is it so rare??? – a review article

Central fever (CF) is defined as elevated temperature with no identifiable cause. It is basically a non –infectious source of fever in patients with traumatic brain injury.

Impact of Systematic Diet Counseling on CKD Stage V Patients

Nutrition is an integral part of treatment in haemodialysis (HD) patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD). Proper nutrition helps to maintenance of muscle strength and helps maintain serum albumin. ...

A study to assess the impact of PFE (Patient Family Education) on Patient Satisfaction

Patient education and satisfaction are known to be very important measures in the current healthcare environment that will have a financial impact on healthcare. In the past, healthcare facilities had...

Nutritional Process In Patients On Enteral Or / And Parenteral Nutrition

To ensure that nutritional requirements of critically ill patients shall be met with ideal calorie and protein density or modifications necessary in particular nutrient composition. Critically ill pat...

ACS-STEMI (Isolated lateral wall MI) – A case report

Isolated lateral STEMI is less common, but may be produced by occlusion of smaller branch arteries that supply the lateral wall, e.g. the first diagonal branch (D1) of the LAD, the obtuse marginal bra...

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