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Articles considered for peer review should be original, standard , authentic and high quality scientific content. Innovative, affordable care , rural and resource limited area friendly management techniques related articles will be given preference. Articles should be directly or indirectly related to the field of critical care and emergency medicine.

Open access policy:

The journal follows open access policy so that it is freely available for all who will get benefitted. Distribution, reproduction and free to use is permitted providing authors are properly quoted.

Manuscript Submission:

Authors can submit articles by email to

Responsibilities of authors:

  • Be utmost careful about plagiarism as the journal will not be responsible for the legal consequences. It will solely be with the author.
  • Conflict of interest if any must be declared.
  • All authors mentioned in an article must have contribution to the work.
  • Article submitted must not be published or considered for publish in any other journal.
  • Authors should notify any mistake/ inaccuracy as soon as discovered.
  • Ethical requirements must be followed for all articles and the responsibility is solely on authors, journal will not be responsible for any breach in ethical requirements.
  • Articles preferably be no more than 5000 words per article and must be in English language.
  • There is no charge for authors , but anyone willing to donate for running cost of the journal is welcomed.

Copyright and Licensing

All Author will retain ownership/ copyright of their works. This is as per Creative Commons . The Journal under Strace Academy will be given exclusive non-commercial re-use rights of the articles by the Authors when these will be published..

All open access articles published are distributed under the terms of the CC BY-NC 4.0 license (Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial 4.0 International Public License as currently displayed at which allows unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, for non-commercial purposes, when the original work is properly cited.

Authors are requested to archive the final published article in their institutional repository or any suitable subject repository after publication. The URL and link to the online published version should be there in the archive done by them to clearly identify it as the actual version of record. The use should be strictly for non-commercial in nature.

Authors are allowed to share the Abstract and citation information of their article anywhere at any time including social media such as Facebook, blogs and Twitter, with proper attribution to the original source (the Publisher website) or include the DOI number.

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